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Bluexperience has been an itinerant apnea center since 2013, we are affiliated with the WSF RAID Diving Organization. Join us for exceptional moments in the heart of nature with our eco-friendly structure.

Join us and connect with the ocean, discover your mammal dive reflex: this trigger of genes that we share with all marine mammals since our origins. You will explore your inner self, discover unsuspected abilities in yourself while keeping your level of consciousness. Freediving is a path of connection with yourself and with nature, this concept of life leading you to physical and mental well-being.

We propose to introduce you to the freediving to reach the inner calm by improving your theoretical knowledge and your practice. Learn how to preserve your oxygen, discover the Frenzel compensation technique, improve your streamline and freefall, increase the flexibility of your rib cage and apply safety rules in the water.
To further explore freediving after your trip with BlueXperience, join us at our Freedive HQ Apnea Center in Mactan Philippines. Freedive HQ or the greatest freedivers come to train like Thibault Guignes, Alice Modolo, Alenka Artnik and many others.

By joining us, you are eco-responsible because through you, we pay a portion of our profits in actions on the ground: in Sri Lanka by participating in the reforestation of the jungle. By helping the people we work with in Egypt and Sri Lanka, and by helping to preserve the oceans by supporting the Longitude 181 organization.

Take care of your body if you want your soul to stay there

With BlueXperience reconnect with your origins by practicing freediving.


Mar Beach, Marigondon Mactan, Lapu-Lapu Cebu, 6015

Call us by Messenger or WhatsApp: +33 (0)615 141 449 / +63 (0) 906 049 8499

Email : contact@bluexperience-freediving.com

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