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Bluexperience invites you to meet the large marine mammals in the best conditions from Egypt to the Kingdom of Tonga via Sri Lanka. Observing the largest sentient being on our planet, the blue whale or interacting with bottlenose dolphins will remain etched in your memory forever.

There are strong genetic similarities between humans and mammals with particularly developed brains. These similarities could explain how cetaceans, mammals like humans, great apes and elephants have complex cognitive processes.

Go and meet these fabulous wild animals such as dolphins, sperm whales and whales and develop your immersion reflex through our sensory approach at sea.

It is an invitation to change your perception of nature. You will discover or improve your freediving technique with Bluexperience.

"We recognize the greatness and the value of a nation by the way it treats its animals"  Mahatma Gandhi

By joining us, you become eco-responsible interns. Thanks to you, we donate part of our profits during our actions in the field: in Sri Lanka we participate in the reforestation of the jungle. We help the staff with whom we work in Egypt and Sri Lanka.

Finally, we participate in the preservation of the oceans by supporting the organization Longitude 181.


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Email : contact@bluexperience-freediving.com

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