Sandra Hamen

Hatha yoga teacher
I trained in Thai massage to help my students improve their posture.


I continue my quest for Yogini with Dhaya Dorje, who has unquestionably become my spiritual master and Master Yoga, who gently delivers me the secrets to become authentic, release the yogini in me and develop all the magic of yoga in accordance with the sacred texts ... quest for a lifetime ...


In parallel, I run a yoga school in Biscarrosse in France, a place of exceptional nature where I have been sitting for 5 years.

The atmosphere is family but conscientious.
I like to transmit a quality and authentic yoga of which I could experience the subtle effects during a long training of more than 4 years, and a 10 years experience in the retransmission.
It is only the beginning of a great trip that fills me with joy on a daily basis.



Mar Beach, Marigondon Mactan, Lapu-Lapu Cebu, 6015

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