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We help associations in the protection of nature, eco-responsibility, the preservation of animal species and the environment.

We do not collect money. Just click on the link to be redirected to the association.

We guarantee that the donations made are well allocated to the commitment of the association.

Bluexperience reserves a portion of its profits to support its associations.

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Longitude 181 NATURE

Association law 1901, is founded in 2002 by François Sarano and Vincent Ohl. Its honorary president, Albert Falco, former diver and captain of the Calypso, will give him his unconditional support until his last dives in 2012. She currently has for president Patrice Bureau.

"Reconciling men with wild life", it is the Polaris star that gives the course of association LONGITUDE 181.​

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Mayari Animal Rescue Organization, Inc.

Our main focus is on providing treatment and recovery as appropriate to those street dogs and cats who are sick, malnourished or otherwise desperately in need of care. They are God’s creatures and those struggling to survive are deserving of help – to the extent of our capability.


We provide help for the suffering animals right on the spot and within their familiar environment as much as we relocate worse cases to our shelter for intensive care.

Dogs and cats come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, once good health is restored, our goal is to match with a suitable adopting family to provide a caring, forever home. All our dogs and cats have been vaccinated against rabies and spayed/neutered to prevent them giving birth to unwanted litters

We specifically promote compassion for all species and not to discriminate animals based on their breed, species, size or condition.