Created in 2013 BlueXperience is the first itinerant international apnea center, we are affiliated to the Molchanovs Club created by Natalia Molchanova the first woman to cross the 100m in 2009.

The Molchanovs club was created by freedivers for freedivers. We offer training courses starting at the Instructor level. We provide you with our professional freediving expertise to make you live exceptional moments in the heart of nature with our eco-responsible structure.

We will reconnect you with the ocean to make you discover your immersion reflex: this gene trigger that we have shared with all marine mammals since our origins. You will explore your deep self, discover in you unexpected capacities while keeping your level of consciousness. Freediving is a path of connection with yourself and with nature, this concept of life leading you to physical and mental well-being.

We suggest that you initiate yourself into freediving to gain inner calm. Learn how to preserve your oxygen, discover the Frenzel equalization technique, improve your hydrodynamics and your free fall, increase the flexibility of your rib cage and apply the safety rules in the water.

To go further in the discovery of freediving after your trip with BlueXperience, join us in our Freedive HQ freediving center based in Mactan Philippines. Freedive HQ where top athletes come to train like Thibault Guignes, Alice Modolo, Alenka Artnik and many others.

"The records are not related to the physical but the mental. This head is the heart that leads man to the bottom."