BlueXperience and the Elephants

Yoga retreat with Sandra Hamen and meet the wild elephants  

Destination : SRI LANKA / Price :  1 090$ / Schedule : 10 days (9 nights)

Next schedule APRIL 16th - 26th 2019

Experience Level : all level

Experience the practice of yoga in the wilderness. Live out of time to the rhythm of the sun in a peaceful and rejuvenating environment.

Our place of life is in an eco lodge, a haven of peace in the jungle. We are situated in the East of Colombo close to the Kaudulla National Park.

The elephants connect us directly to yoga, so it was essential to go to meet them.

The elephant is the monarch of all Asia and especially of Sri Lanka. It is one of the last great mammals on our planet. Provided with remarkable intelligence and complex cognitive process, it is a social animal.

The elephants communicate with each other, listen to each other, call each other, make signs, touch each other, and they like to have fun.


We also know that they are endowed with great sensitivity, they can spend a lot of time near the spoils of their loved ones. A mother can be let herself die when she loses her baby.

They live in family groups of about ten females and young people combined. Adult males live alone or in small groups.

IIt is an enriching experience because observing elephants is learning a little more about yourself, it is a connection with all forms of life.

*without flight ticket


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