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Jean-Luc Tulliez

"I wanted to develop an eco-responsible concept based on our marine origins, the connection with nature and the intuitive well-being in water. BlueXperience was born. The practice of freediving and yoga in this last refuge of peace of our planet the Ocean.
Our trips are made to facilitate the encounter with wild animals in their natural element while respecting their place of life. Discover new experiences rich in sensation and self-discovery.
I participate in the protection of our planet by local actions.
In the 1980s, I was a mountain rescuer. I learned solidarity, a taste for effort and humility. In 1987 I discovered the apnea for pleasure and I dreamed of distant spaces. In 1991 I joined the GIGN-GSPR special forces intervention unit and became a Team Leader. During these ten years in this elite unit I strengthened and developed my mental control, mastery and transcending oneself. In 2001 I decided to turn to the private sector by making my experience available to major French companies. I became Director of Safety and Environment for the Lagardère Group. Then I returned naturally to the sea, I finalized my training in technical diving (TDI) diving planning and gas management. I dived with dolphins, turtles, Manta rays and sharks. I wanted to be closer to them so I turned to apnea in 2011. I had the chance to meet Xavier Delpit. We traded on the blue planet and our life experiences. In 2013, with Xavier, we created a training line dedicated to competition in the apnea club of Versailles. In 2014 I tested the competition with a lot of fun. In 2015 I turned definitely towards the sea and at the same time I met Reds Martinez Mahinay a great yoga teacher in the Philippines. He encouraged myself to understand the yoga. Bluexperience expand his offer a different sensory experience combined with yoga into the jungle and observe the wild elephants. Tomorrow we propose the new wonderful sensory approach.
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JEAN LUC TULLIEZ,freediving instructor,B
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