Jean-Guy De La Casinière

" There was a before where I had succeeded in the recipe for happiness. The happiness of having everything, but not being.

Then there was the crisis and I went on a quest, on a path that gives weight to experience and never ends.

I found the water and found freediving. I found the way to do inner diving. 

The one where one is reborn by bursting the surface after a deeply liberating return in the matrix. So I wanted to use the therapeutic aspects. So I searched again. Curious about the processes that would support and enrich my project. That of proposing a global and coherent accompaniment built around the reconciliation of the bodies, the link to Self and the emotional liberation.


I define myself as a wellness facilitator, a creator of therapeutic situations.

I fully recognize myself in Jean Yves Leloup's definition of the therapist in the book "Cheminer" published by Editions Terre du Ciel where he writes:

"The word Therapeutics in Greek means to first heal, to take care. The Therapist does not heal, he heals. It's nature that heals, it's life that heals. The role of the Therapist is to create, or allow the best conditions for healing to occur. The Therapist does not heal, but he creates the place, the environment, the atmosphere, the favorable conditions for healing to take place. The Doctor, in the capital sense of the word, is Nature, and the Therapist is there to collaborate with her. The Therapist does not heal, "he takes care".