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I practice yoga !!!

But what does it mean to practice yoga?

Today, we find different forms of yoga practice: Pranayama, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha etc. ...

Well, what do we start with?

It’s not easy to find the way !!!

What matters is your practice and what counts is the intention that you put out, the energy in your asana and combining it with your breathing.

Be gentle with yourself, take your time.

Accept that there will be days when the asana does not come easily.

Trying to meditate 5 minutes a day is easy, but 5' without thinking of anything is an eternity when you start. Our mind has an unfortunate tendency to twirl in all directions. Our brain works 24 hours a day so disconnecting it is not as easy as you might think, but regular practice will help you progress.

We find the first traces of Hatha Yoga -7500 BC ....

Yoga is incomplete without its philosophy.

Why practice yoga?

To be able to handle stress and build muscle well.

Yoga is for everybody.

Everybody needs to find their own way.

Whatever your approach, sport or holistic, you will make a change in your way of conceiving life.

Yoga is a lifestyle, but what is this lifestyle?

It is a system based on ascetic practices (ethical, purificatory, postural, respiratory and meditative) from a very old tradition.

We are an integral part of the universe, man is not the supreme being. We find harmony and balance in this set. Human desires being natural, each of our desires serves to perfect our knowledge since, by the awakening of our senses and our participation in the world, we discover the principles to find our identity of the "I am".

However, we must be aware of all our desires, on pain of wandering endlessly in the cycle of samsara (transmigration or rebirth).

Yoga helps us out of this cycle.

Each life is a cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth according to our choices. We are passing on earth, so we must participate in making the world a better place by contributing to its preservation.

What can we do to find our way between what is good and what is not. There is no value judgment in the definition of good or evil to bring us to action, but the knowledge and ability to be responsible for our actions.

We speak of good or bad Karma (act or action) what does it mean?

Karma is a notion of the cycle of causes and consequences related to the existence of living beings. It is the sum of what we have done, what we do or what we don’t do.

Karma is a central concept. Each living being is responsible for his actions and therefore for his exit or not from Samsara (cycle of reincarnations).

It defines the belief of a continuation of existence after death, our actions in this life will determine our next life. The present life is to be considered as the radiation of the actions of past lives. What we do today in our duties, our destiny, our existence prepares us for the future without seeking a return (recognition).

The concept of good karma or bad karma does not exist there is what we do, how we do it according to our appreciation of the moment. We must think to be better every day.

What we are building gives the next step in different options;

  • either in reincarnation by wandering in the cycle of samsara (transmigration or successive rebirth) we learn nothing, we repeat the same mistakes.

  • or in the reincarnation phase to guide others to make the world a better place.

  • or the last stage the liberation of the soul (moksha) by diluting our cosmic soul in the universe.

Karma is at once the act, its intention and its result. There are so-called neutral acts (sitting, eating, sleeping)

Another category of acts are said intentional because dictated by our desires or our intentions: each time I help others, I accumulate a karmic value. It is the intention of the act that determines its value. The karmic load produced binds me to Samsara, the Wheel of Existence.

Men are born, die and are reborn incessantly according to an unlimited cycle: Samsara.

This infinite cycle of reincarnations is conditioned by the karmic weight of past lives.

At each rebirth, the positive values ​​we have accumulated in our past lives will be added to put an end to the endless transmigration of our Soul after death.

Five "aggregates" or assemblages constitute the soul: matter, sensations, perceptions, formations of mind and consciousness. Death dissolves these five aggregates which recondition themselves according to their karmic charge, in a new life, for a new adventure. This is the paradox of the candle whose flame is extinguished and re-lit. This flame is no longer the one that has been extinguished, but it is the same candle, small or large, with the same fine or thick wick, which will enlighten us again, but it is no longer the same flame . The condition in which we are reborn depends on our past lives and our present acts.

To be born, live and die indefinitely, chained to the Wheel of Existence, is painful. But if by our karmic balance is made of good intentions, the weight of our good deeds, we manage to escape from Samsara, we reach Nirvana, the extinction of Thirst (desire) and Universal Suffering. The liberation of Samsara gives access to Deliverance. And if in this life we ​​have not finished a task, a future life will allow us to complete this task.

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