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What is freediving ?

Close your eyes, hold his breath, dive under the water, disconnect from the daily, live for the present moment. Freediving the future does not exist, the past is a reference to a past action.

An imperceptible transformation begins when we hold our breath, our heartbeat slowed. We automatically preserve our oxygen we need to live as long. Our level of consciousness remains intact, our body adapts.

Imagine yourself at the edge of the water, along a white sand beach. You walk quietly and watch the gentle ripples on the surface of the water. When you immerse yourself, you renew with your surround aquatic and immediately you are feeling a sense of profound wellbeing.

You initiate your diving reflex anchored in the genes of humans for millennia. We started our life in amniotic fluid whose chemical composition is similar to that of seawater. This trigger we share with dolphins and other marine mammals.

Apnea is a great adventure for: - relax - Explore his inner self - Discover unsuspected capacity - Learn how to manage stress - To meet marine species - Feel and be in harmony with our life element "water"

An incredible moment of freedom and happiness in the world of silence.

We learn to relax, to dive into the blue for fun, but we can also learn to manage our stress by the performance realized in full accord with oneself.

Apnea is also a means of understanding our environment and protecting our marine eco system.

When we are in contact with water an imperceptible transformation occurs, our heart rhythm decreases, our metabolism adapts to preserve the oxygen we so much need for living. Our level of consciousness remains intact we adapt to the energy of the ocean.

This phenomenon when we go back into the water is called "mammalian dive reflex". It brings us back to our origins. It sets up peripheral vasoconstriction, bradycardia, splenic contraction and deep blood shift.

Apnea therefore involves having some knowledge about the physical laws that govern the pressure on the human body, the physiology of breathing and taking mental conditioning into account.

Understanding apnea + training + mental approach = enjoy diving safely to meet the marine species but also to meet us.

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