Red Sea

Destination: Hurghada Mer Rouge

In the Red Sea, south of Egypt, we will welcome you on board for an unforgettable week. You will discover each day a new reef and swim among a great diversity of the finest fish and corals in the world.
Your cruise in the Red Sea takes place on different sites where you will dive in water at 20 ° C in winter and 28 ° C in summer. During your cruise you will enjoy the pleasures of freediving or practicing yoga and swimming with dolphins.
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For nearly three millennia, the Nile Valley has flourished one of the most brilliant civilizations in history. The invention of an original writing hieroglyphs. The Egypt of the pharaohs was thus able to flourish and reach its peak in the 13th century BC, leaving a monumental world heritage work.
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bluexperience, immersion dauphins, corai

The Red Sea is an intracontinental sea. It is between North Africa and the Middle East which allows sailors to move from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.

One of the most beautiful place in the world to practice snorkeling. Meet dolphins, turtles, beautiful fish of all colors and exceptional corals.