Sri Lanka

Destination : Sri Lanka next schedule :

Meet Sperm Whale & Blue Whale

  • March 29th to April 8th 2022          

Yoga retreat and meet the wild elephants  1 090 $/TTC*                           

​Destination Sri Lanka with Sandra Hamen 

  • April 16th to 26th 2022, 8 batchs 

With a history of more than 3000 years, Sri Lanka has built an exceptional cultural heritage.
You will discover its mysterious ancient cities engulfed in the jungle, the Golden Temple of Dambulla and its lying Buddhas, following the spices route borrowed by Marco Polo, Sri Lanka has become an inescapable experience.

This sacred pearl formerly known as Ceylon is located in the Indian Ocean.
It is made up of lush tropical forests, inhabited by a fauna of more than 86 species of mammals. Its spice gardens and tea plantations on the mountainside will take you away from Western civilization.

On the sea side, its beaches of coconut trees and white sand welcome you before leaving the mainland to go to meet the blue whales, sperm whales, dolphins and other marine species.

We chose Sri Lanka (sacred island) to offer you a maritime experience with sperm whales and a land adventure with elephants.