Next schedule : JULY 20th to 30th 2022

Schedule : 11 days (10 nights) 

Experience Level : all level

Price :  3 340$

Take a trip to the South Pacific to the Kingdom of Tonga to meet humpback whales ! 

A beautiful destination preserved , the of Kingdom Tonga are located in the North of New Zealand and the East of Fiji. Tongans have remained faithful to their Polynesian ancestral roots, in part because they are the only Pacific island nation ever to have been colonized by a foreign power.

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The underwater relief is, like the relief of the islands on the surface, very diversified, and wild. The seabed is composed of coral gardens, caves, drop offs or wrecks. With idyllic water temperature and excellent visibility, Tonga is the perfect place to observe humpback whales in optimal conditions. 

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bluexperience,baleine a bosse, megaptere
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Each year, after a long migration the whales come to breed in its warm waters. They come here to protect their babies from predators and allow them to grow quickly in warm waters before heading back to the cold waters where they will find food abundantly.


Working with them in Tonga means respecting the ethic rules put in place by the government to protect them.