Xavier Delpit

“I am a freediving competitor with the desire to share the strength and the magic of a dolphin encounter. My competitive approach has helped me gain valuable knowledge and skills to overcome depth stages, and dive deeper. My aim is to help you progress by sharing my knowledge with you and giving you some key elements. My role during this cruise is to help you improve your performance and take pleasure in doing so.
I am a trained surgeon, specialised in hand and shoulder injuries. I have immersed myself in asian culture, and my ‘zen’ approach to life doesn’t stop me from enjoying high adrenaline sports such as climbing, extreme free ride and rollerblading.
In 1987, I discovered the movie “The Big Blue” with its stunning cinematography. I started freediving in 2008.
During the course of my training at the Colombes freediving club, I noticed that my technique was more efficient with a monofin. I loved the sensation of undulating in the water like the dolphins in Egypt. Freediving became my passion. I train every days. In 2011, I started competing and soon found myself on the international stage. In 2012, I won the CMAS European Championship, held the Jump blue world record, and the best french performance for static and dynamic. In 2013, I achieved 91 meters in constant weight. That same year, I decided to share my experience and skills in competitive freediving in my freediving club, with Jean Luc Tulliez. We launched our freediving competition training program. In 2014, I decided to map out my approach to freediving. I experimented with new training techniques, aiming to go deeper. In 2015, I reached the 100 meter mark. It was like an opening of the abyss, a new era in my quest for depth".