Yoga Training

Do you want discover or improve your yoga practice?

Your daily practice will allow you to develop your physical stability to control your breathing and improve your concentration. Whether you are a beginner or in search of perfection, join us for an extraordinary adventure.


Yoga is a life philosophy of infinite richness, a state of mind that transforms you.

In Sanskrit, the language of Brahmans, yoga means "union". Our practice is based on dynamic yoga to create a link between movement and breath. It combines two traditionally distinct practices, sun salutations and the practice of "asana" postures. The training is a sequence of fluid postures organized according to an intention.


It is necessary to build in stages the fulfillment of a posture to advance intelligently in the understanding of what yoga is.

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Everyday we have two yoga sessions on a Hatha or Ashtanga style. We go to meet dolphins or snorkel in translucent lagoons. In the evening you will practice meditation watching the sun set.


Come practice yoga in beautiful lagoons in the Red Sea.

Yoga retreat & immersion with dolphins 1 675$*

Destination Hurghada

  • 7 days/6 nights

  • All level

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Practicing yoga into the jungle in Sri Lanka is an unforgettable experience. The first lesson is during the awakening of the jungle, in the late afternoon you will attend the second class. Then we will watch the wild elephants as the sunset. It's a great moment of peace and happiness.


Come practice yoga in the jungle in Sri Lanka differently.


* Flight ticket no included

Yoga retreat & observe the wild elephants 1 675$ *

Destination : Sri Lanka​

  •  8 slots

  • 10 days/9 nights

  • All level


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